the company

Horizon Worldwide is an award winning full service advertising, marketing, communications and imaging group specializing in direct response advertising, promotions and retail product marketing. Horizon is best known for their all inclusive, turn-key, direct-to-consumer, added-value marketing campaigns, promotions, and direct fulfillment. Horizon has acquired, upgraded and implemented retention programs for over fifty million customers. Horizon has produced scores of successful retail, mall and convention center promotions including health fairs, expos, immunization programs and interactive game tours attracting millions of attendees. Since 1979, over 5,000 clients have taken advantage of the wide range of Horizon products and services. The roster includes: AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, HP, Olympus, Staples, shopping centers, retailers, banks, hospitals and more. Horizon is well equipped to handle any size project and operates office, manufacturing and warehouse facilities. The company operates three divisions: Retail Marketing, which provides kiosks, displays, graphics and mobile marketing vehicles; Advertising and Marketing, which focuses on direct response advertising and added value campaigns; and Imaging, which facilitates multiple online photo and imaging websites, including supplying a variety of proprietary photo and gifting products.


Horizon operates a full-service imaging production facility having shipped over 250 million direct to consumer personalized pieces. The company prides itself on developing new and innovative printing and end-user product technologies. Horizon is constantly developing new programs and photo products that are unique to the industry. Horizon offers a large array of product selections all produced from a variety of multi-format printers capable of printing to a multitude of substrates which are utilized to create an endless array of finished products. The Horizon facility incorporates high-end photo printers, variable data imaging printers, industrial large-format printers, and other specialized imaging production equipment. Horizon utilizes ERP (enterprise resource planning) software to maximize efficiency and reduce costs by providing total strategic control and management of production, manufacturing, inventory, scheduling and costs.


The creative department is staffed with top design professionals. By employing a variety of applications over different platforms, Horizon redefines traditional visual communication services. The company utilizes the latest in high-tech equipment to produce all types of graphics, digital output, large format printing, presentations, real-time on-line projects and more. The staff of artists, animators, illustrators and graphic designers are trained to take the most imaginative and creative ideas and turn them into tangible works of art.